Sunday, April 22, 2012

Liberty on the rise in Oklahoma

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. - attributed to Samuel Adams

It started with the winter of despair, and the promise of a spring of Liberty. Groups of dedicated volunteers had been meeting and organizing, some for months, some for years, to forward the cause. Like many such groups, the prospects of victory were considered slim by all but those involved. They met weekly, sometimes at a home, sometimes a business, usually between ten and twenty at each gathering. Sometimes they joined with others of like mind in a nearby major city, and their numbers would swell to nearly 50. They ignored what they were told, they ignored those who lectured them, and they pushed on. And then it began.

As is usual, Super Tuesday (March 6th) resulted in a victory for "establishment" candidates in Oklahoma:

Rick Santorum, 33.8% - 14 Delegates
Mitt Romney, 28.05% - 13 Delegates
Newt Gingrich, 27.48% - 13 Delegates
Ron Paul, 9.63% - 0 Delegates

Oklahoma has five Congressional Districts, with 3 National Delegates and 3 Alternate Delegates chosen in each one. An Elector and Alternate Elector are also chosen. Additionally, there are 25 "at-large" Delegates chosen (and 25 Alternates) at the State Convention on May 12th. Delegates are "bound", meaning they must vote based on the results of the statewide election, until a candidate withdraws, endorses another, or releases "their" delegates. The top three candidates each earned one Delegate from each of the 5 Districts on Super Tuesday.  It should be noted that only in casting a Ballot for a Presidential Nominee are the Delegates bound - they may vote their conscience on all other votes, including nominating candidates.

An interesting thing happened when choosing the National Delegates: our groups of volunteers continued on. Contacting those who would attend the conventions, they found others who supported the same cause and it's Champion. They made sure their friends - the Friends of Liberty - would be at the appropriate Convention. March 31st saw the convening of the 2nd (eastern OK) and 5th (OKC metro) Congressional Districts. April 14th brought on the 1st (Tulsa area) and 3rd (western and northern OK), and April 21st finished them up with the 4th (Norman and southern OK). A shocking thing happened:

Enter sweep #1 (5th District):

Sweep #2 (3rd District):

And sweep #3 (4th District):

Although Districts 1 and 2 did not have the same results, a number of Alternate Delegates supporting the same cause were elected. This means that of the 15 National Delegates chosen so far from Oklahoma, 9 of them support Dr. Paul, and an even larger number of the Alternates (13 of them!). Still to come is the State Convention, on May 12th.

Now there is confusion in the land: who are these people? Who is this long shot they support? What is this cult of personality, this gang of interlopers, and what do they want? Those who have called for limited government, for the Rule of Law, for the end of corruption, for a return to sanity, do not know what to do. There is a saying, to be careful what you wish for. What do you do, when those who would make your wish reality, finally arrive? Has the battle been fought so long, that new recruits go unrecognized?

And so the groups go back to work. Building their networks, planning their efforts, shoring up support, and laying the groundwork for the next battle of ideas. They begin to reach out to those caught in the middle of the great battle, between those who would use the State to advance a cause, and those who would take over the State and use it's power to ... return that power to the People!

On they come, a great wave of humanity - the Insurgency of Liberty flows across the plains ... and it is growing ...

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